Past Events

#BCClimateChat on Twitter Join the conversation about B.C.'s climate plan

May. 18, 2016  - Twitter
multiDialogue - Public event

Do you have questions about B.C.'s forthcoming Climate Leadership Plan? Join us for #BCClimateChat on Twitter.

This Changes Everything panel discussion

May. 10, 2016  - Vancouver, British Columbia
multiDialogue - Public event

Karen Tam Wu, program director for buildings and urban solutions at the Pembina Institute, is one of the panellists who will partake in a discussion following the screening.

Can Pacific NorthWest LNG pass Canada's climate test? Media briefing

May. 2, 2016  - Online
webinar - Public event

This media briefing will offer journalists a primer on the climate implications of the Pacific NorthWest LNG project near Prince Rupert, B.C.

Opportunities in energy efficiency for the non-profit sector

Apr. 26, 2016  - Calgary, AB
workshop - Public event

Facilitated discussion on how energy efficiency programs can lower costs for low-income households, create jobs, and significantly reduce operations costs for non-profits — leaving you with more funds for your core services.

Carbon pricing case studies: British Columbia and California

Apr. 26, 2016  - Online
webinar - Invitation only

Ceres presents an in-depth look at British Columbia’s carbon tax and California’s cap-and-trade system.

Stretch code and Climate Leadership Plan for buildings Pembina Institute perspectives

Apr. 20, 2016  - Vancouver, BC
workshop - Invitation only

Pembina Institute senior advisor Tom-Pierre Frappé-Sénéclauze will give a presentation on super energy efficient buildings at a meeting of the Building Research Committee of the British Columbia Building Envelope Council.

Carbon Engineering and Innergex Renewable Energy site tours Clean tech and clean energy plants in B.C.

Apr. 20, 2016  - Squamish, B.C.
workshop - Invitation only

Pembina Institute staff visited a pair of clean tech and clean energy plants in and around Squamish.

Celebrate a new era of climate partnership ENGO briefing on climate action and cocktail reception

Apr. 14, 2016  - Ottawa, ON
reception - Invitation only

Environmental Defence, Équiterre and the Pembina Institute invite Members of Parliament and their staff to an informative discussion regarding opportunities for Canada to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in line with its international obligations. 

Green building tour for Earth Day King Edward Villa

Apr. 13, 2016  - Vancouver
tour - Invitation only

A week before Earth Day, the Pembina Institute is organizing a media tour of a cutting-edge green building under construction in Vancouver.

Upcoming B.C. stretch codes What do they mean for B.C. communities?

Apr. 5, 2016  - Online
webinar - Invitation only

Tom-Pierre Frappé-Sénéclauze, senior advisor at the Pembina Institute, spoke about the recommendations on stretch codes arising from the Energy Efficiency Working Group in B.C.


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