Past Events

Energy and Environment in Alberta: Cross-Sector Roundtable Organized by the Pembina Institute in partnership with the Max Bell Foundation and the Ivey Foundation

Jul. 28, 2015  - Calgary, Alberta
multiDialogue - Invitation only

The roundtable focused specifically on the policy considerations for capitalizing on the greenhouse gas reduction opportunities through action in the electricity sector, energy efficiency, and carbon pricing.

Clean Electricity in Alberta Thought Leader Forum: a made-in-Alberta proposal to green the grid

Jul. 23, 2013  - Edmonton, Alberta
multiDialogue -

Participants reviewed a greenhouse gas emissions-intensity performance standard for the electricity sector.

2013 Renewables in Remote Microgrids

Jun. 25, 2013  - Toronto
conference - Public event

Experts, community members, manufacturers and researchers from across North America will discuss how we can learn from major recent successes in places such as Alaska and Australia, and how forward-thinking policies such as Ontario’s groundbreaking Green Energy and Economy Act can benefit remote communities and grow domestic clean energy investment, expertise and manufacturing capacity.

Shale Gas Thought Leader Forum Environmental issues and opportunities

Sep. 19, 2012 to Sep. 20, 2012  - University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.
multiDialogue - Public event

Shale gas thought leaders and decision makers join in a collaborative discussion on the future of shale gas development in Canada.

Oilsands Performance Metrics Presented by the Pembina Institute, the Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy (ISEEE) and Deloitte.

May. 3, 2011  - Calgary, Alberta

A Thought Leader Forum on performance metrics for Alberta oilsands.


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