Urban Delivery Solutions Initiative

Urban delivery solutions

Rapid urbanization, increasing e-commerce activity, and growing customer demands for faster deliveries have put tremendous pressure on businesses to transport goods to customers. This pressure is compounded by the challenges of conducting last-mile deliveries in major urban centres, including congestion, curbside competition, and rising land costs. Leading businesses know that increasing urban freight activity has negative environmental implications. By 2030, it is projected that freight emissions in Canada will exceed emissions from passenger travel.

What is the Urban Delivery Solutions Initiative?

The UDSI is a national network of businesses and organizations working to modernize urban freight operations in Canadian cities. This Initiative aims to:

  1. Lead needs-based research to fill knowledge and information gaps in urban freight planning.
  2. Showcase successful clean freight business practices in Canada through profiles and storytelling.
  3. Identify best practices and pursue pilot projects to test effective near-zero and zero-emissions delivery solutions.
  4. Co-ordinate industry’s recommendations and jointly advocate for modernization of policies, standards, or regulations.
  5. Share industry expertise and foster ideation and educational initiatives to socialize change.

What the Urban Delivery Solutions Initiative offers

  • Connect with other industry leaders and share best practices
  • Explore and understand the critical pathways to achieving more efficient and sustainable urban freight activity
  • Communicate to governments the necessary policies to modernize urban freight operations in Canada

Join the initiative

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact Carolyn Kim for details.

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