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Thanks to your support, the Pembina Institute is playing a strong role in Ottawa. This year is set to be a decisive one for Canada. For the first time ever, the federal government is designing a pan-Canadian climate plan to meet or exceed its 2030 climate target. 

Over the past year, we’ve worked to ensure a clean and prosperous future for all Canadians: 

Building an effective pan-Canadian climate plan

In June 2016, the Pembina Institute submitted recommendations to the federal government through the federal-provincial-territorial climate portal. The submission included policy recommendations to help Canada meet or exceed its 2030 targets, with mitigation policies in transportation, buildings, electricity, oil and gas, and government decision-making.

Supporting economy-wide carbon pricing 

In October 2016, the federal government followed through on its commitment to have a national carbon price across Canada. In our view, pricing carbon pollution needs to be a central element of the pan-Canadian climate plan — and we were thrilled to support the government with this commitment.

The announcement — which closely mirrors the policy advice in our June 2016 portal submission — was such an important milestone. It will help the country’s environment and economy as Canada competes for the rapidly growing global demand for clean energy. It will also support emissions reductions for Canada to achieve its Paris climate commitment.

Reducing oil and gas methane emissions 

In March 2016, the federal government announced measures to reduce methane emissions in Canada. In partnership with the U.S., the federal government announced its commitment to a reduction of methane emissions by 40-45%. During the North American Leaders’ Summit in June, Mexico then announced that it would be joining Canada and the U.S. in the methane emissions target.

This was a particularly important time for the Pembina Institute, as this process began when we convinced the Alberta Government to reduce Alberta’s methane emissions. This win helped create space for the federal government to make their own commitment and drive to develop nation-wide methane reduction regulations for the oil and gas sector by 2018.

Next steps

The Pembina Institute influenced each of these discussions every step of the way. We’ve provided advice to the Government of Alberta, Government of B.C. and Government of Canada on effective regulatory tools to achieve these reduction goals. We have seen progress on many important climate files this year – but there is still so much work remaining to reduce carbon pollution across the country.

With your support, in the coming months we will:

  • Implement a successful national coal phase-out – a critical piece of an effective federal climate plan.
  • Continue working with federal and provincial governments to secure policies to reduce emissions from existing buildings, and ensure new buildings are ultra-low carbon.
  • Push for a national freight strategy. Freight represents a significant and growing portion of transportation carbon emissions and needs to be addressed.


We look forward to delivering solid policy advice and supporting constructive partners, federally and provincially, to ensure Canada will continue to build on this exciting momentum.

But we’re not finished yet. We still need your support.

Please consider donating today to our $1-million goal in the Campaign for Canada’s Climate with a gift that will provide essential funding to allow the Pembina Institute to continue as a strong voice in Ottawa, advocating on behalf of all Canadians.

Together we can all make a difference in reducing Canada’s carbon emissions.


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