Initiatives Besides our direct work, the Pembina Institute also manages a number of other initiatives, either alone or in partnership with other organizations....


Besides our direct work, the Pembina Institute also manages a number of other initiatives, either alone or in partnership with other organizations. Explore these initiatives here:

Business Renewables Centre Canada

Business Renewables Centre Canada

The Business Renewables Centre Canada is a modern marketplace where corporations and institutions can learn how to buy renewable energy directly from developers. BRC-Canada is a members-only platform that brings energy buyers, sellers and intermediaries together to generate awareness in the industry, build a strong community and provide effective tools and resources.

Urban delivery solutions banner

Urban Delivery Solutions Initiative

The UDSI is a national network of businesses and organizations working to modernize urban freight operations in Canadian cities. Together, we can lead the way in influencing urban freight policies that make good business sense while advancing a clean and prosperous economy in Canada.

Urban Freight Data Hub

Urban Freight Data Hub

The Pembina Institute’s Urban Freight Data Hub is a publicly accessible digital hub, which amalgamates existing urban freight data from Canada’s largest cities and makes it easily available to city planners, policy practitioners, and researchers.

Landowners' Guide to Oil and Gas Development

Landowners' Guide to Oil and Gas Development

Alberta’s energy development landscape is a maze of regulations and complex relationships. The Landowners’ Guide to Oil and Gas Development provides advice on negotiating the best relationship possible between industry representatives who live and breathe this subject matter and property owners or communities that may be facing it for the first time. The 2019 Landowners' Primer: What you need to know about unreclaimed oil and gas wells is an additional resource to help those who are most impacted by inactive and orphaned oil and gas infrastructure on their land. Our Liabilities resources for landowners page provides information for Albertan landowners, and summarizes recent updates and developments in clean-up efforts and regulations.

Energy Policy Simulator Canada

Canada Energy Policy Simulator

Designing energy policy correctly is tough work. Policies must reduce pollution at a reasonable cost while allowing cleaner technology to thrive. 

With the Energy Policy Simulator, you can test your hand at energy policy design. Discover the effects of various energy policies, build your favorite policy package, and share it with friends.

Women in Energy Transformation

Women in Energy Transformation

Many of Canada’s strongest and most inspiring climate leaders are women – but paradoxically, our energy sector remains one of the least gender equitable in the country. The Women in Energy Transformation initiative, supported by the Pembina Institute and GLOBE Series, takes a two-pronged approach to elevate women’s voices and work towards a more equitable clean energy future in Canada:

Decarbonizing MHDVs

Strategy for Zero-emission Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Emissions produced by medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (MHDVs) need to be a priority for Canada’s climate ambitions as they are the highest of any transportation sub-sector. Throughout 2022 and early 2023, with the support of TAF and our Urban Delivery Solutions Initiative partners including FedEx, the Pembina Institute is developing a “Zero-emission MHDV strategy” which will identify the suite of policies, regulations, incentives, and investments needed to transition the MHDV sector off carbon pollution.

Fair and Inclusive Rates

Fair and Inclusive Rates campaign

A growing number of remote, Indigenous communities are leading the development of renewable energy projects as they transition away from diesel dependency. The FAIR campaign is an initiative to reform policy and regulatory barriers and to spur investment so that Indigenous-led renewable energy projects are appropriately financed by utilities and private investors.

Reframed banner

Reframed Initiative

The Reframed Initiative is working with designers, builders, owners, financiers, and policy-makers to scale up deep retrofits. Together, we can address the housing crunch and climate emergency.

Alberta Energy Policy Simulator

Alberta Energy Policy Simulator

Alberta’s Energy Policy Simulator allows you to visualize the interactive and cumulative effect of current, proposed, or potential policies - from renewable energy to pollution pricing and mass transit to efficient buildings - on the province’s carbon pollution and energy trajectory.

Alberta’s Energy Policy Simulator builds on the success of Canada’s Energy Policy Simulator, launched in 2018.


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