Transforming Transportation in Edmonton

Women in Edmonton who own or operate more than one vehicle used in a non-profit, commercial or municipal setting are invited to participate in a project to learn about zero-emission fleet technologies and propose policies, investments and support needed to support organizations like yours move to a zero-emission fleet.

Fleets in Edmonton

Transforming Transportation in Edmonton

Join the 2023 cohort of women leading the transition to zero-emission fleets

Canada’s transportation sector contributes more than a quarter of Canada’s greenhouse gases.

The City of Edmonton has declared a climate emergency and committed to reducing the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 35 per cent (below 2005 levels) by 2035.  Moving vehicles to zero-emission is one of the easiest ways to reduce Canada’ climate load, but business leaders, cities, municipalities and provincial governments need to lead the way by eliminating the heaviest emitting vehicles.

Over the coming decade, most cargo vans, buses and trucks will move to either electric power or hydrogen. Unlike many other climate actions, the technology is available and ready to use.

Electric-powered vehicles have been found to have many advantages beyond reducing greenhouse gases:

  • Lower operating costs—electricity is much cheaper than gas or diesel
  • Cheaper maintenance—there’s no engine that needs upkeep
  • Quieter—more peaceful for drivers
  • No toxic fumes—these vehicles don’t contribute to smog that harms children

But, if you’ve ever considered purchasing one of these vehicles, you’ll see that the upfront cost can be daunting. And the technologies are  complex to install and operate with unknowns in terms of resale.

What is “Transforming Transportation in Edmonton”?

The Pembina Institute, with support from Alberta Ecotrust and the City of Edmonton, is looking for participants for an exciting project that will shape Edmonton’s future.

Women are concerned about climate and want to make a difference. And it’s vital that climate solutions include groups that have not been represented in or led in the most affected sectors. It’s also vital that women—as half the population—have a say in how sectors develop. The transportation sector has low representation of women: Statistics Canada reports that only a quarter of the transportation workforce was made up of women.

We will be bringing together a group of women and gender-diverse leaders to share experiences and propose polices and investments that will support low-emission transportation—and showcase that women are leaders in the transportation sector.

Through meetings, presentations, and facilitated discussion, the project participants will

  • Learn about the technologies available now and in the near future
  • Understand the business case, logistics concerns and sources of revenue available
  • Connect with others in the transportation sector to learn together and support one another
  • Develop and propose policies, investments and capacity-building supports that cities, electric utilities and provinces can initiate to support organizations like yours.

Who should participate?

Women, non-binary and gender-diverse people who:

  • live or work in or around Edmonton; 
  • want to learn about climate innovations with others;
  • own or operate more than one vehicle used in a non-profit, commercial or municipal setting.

Your contribution:

  • A collaborative mindset
  • An interest in bringing ideas to City officials and making change in Edmonton
  • Minimum of six 1.5-hour sessions over the course of one year. The cohort will work together to select times that work

A childcare subsidy is available.

Join us!

If you’re interested in becoming a participant or if you have any questions, please email Kendall Anderson.

Transforming Transportation in Edmonton is funded by Alberta Ecotrust Foundation’s Climate Innovation Grant Program.

Partners on this program include:

Sponsors: City of Edmonton, Alberta Ecotrust, Electric Autonomy, Iron & Earth, WAVE—Women’s Advocacy Voice of Edmonton


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