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Make an impact: a letter from our executive director

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadians have reacted with compassion and in adherence with the best-available scientific knowledge. For this we at the Pembina Institute are thankful and even optimistic about our ability to prepare for a healthier, safer future. As together we strive to rebuild Canada’s economy, we are giving a lot of thought to how we will emerge from this pandemic ready to face the global crisis of climate change. We want your help preparing for a more resilient future.

Making a difference

Because of support from donors like you, we were one of the first environmental, climate and energy organizations to share with government and the Canadian public a set of principles on which Canada’s economic recovery should be based. Like you, we want energy independence, job stability, a healthier environment, and a stronger economy in a decarbonized world.

Thanks in part to you, our ideas are being adopted by governments looking to create jobs now while improving environmental and climate outcomes. Funding for wells clean-up and methane reductions, and financial assistance made through the lens of Canada’s climate commitments, has been paired with a steadfast commitment to stay the course on carbon pricing and an updated clean fuel standard that maintains the ambition of the policy and the 2022 start-date.

Moving forward

We are committed to coming through this pandemic having helped put the foundations in place for a stronger economy and a healthier future in all of Canada’s provinces and territories. That means electrifying our vehicles and transportation infrastructure (check out this webinar on building Canada’s zero-emission vehicle economy), reducing emissions from the increasing number of freight vehicles that deliver food and other goods to our homes and places of business, finding better ways to safely share curbside spaces congested by pedestrians, cyclists, passengers and delivery vehicles, and reducing pollution for better air quality and health outcomes for all Canadians.

That also means doubling down on deep retrofits that achieve incredible energy efficiency and get our buildings off gas (our Reframed building retrofit webinar series can be found here). It means creating the conditions for a dramatic upswing in adoption of renewable energy, including improving understanding of the role sustainable finance can play in creating better access to capital for Canadian companies and communities demonstrating leadership on energy system transformation.

We know that achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 to limit warming will also require carbon removal, and with your help we are building on our seminal research and policy work on carbon capture and storage to determine the most effective and appropriate uses of both nature-based and technological solutions. And we are working to advance industrial decarbonization through our work on green (renewable) and blue (fossil fuel with carbon capture) hydrogen.

Why support Pembina

I joined the Pembina Institute as executive director just as Canada went into lockdown. In the past few months, even in isolation it became abundantly clear to me that I have joined a team with the ability to combine expertise on energy policy issues with convening power across diverse networks to advance change in public policy, corporate strategy, markets and technology to better position Canada to succeed and prosper as the world changes. This team recognizes the importance of engaging business and industry in finding and advocating for common solutions. Pembina’s experts are recognized as trusted advisors by government decision-makers across the country.

How you can help

I hope you will join us as we help Canada prepare to tackle the next global crisis. From voicing support for strong climate policy to a donation to help us deliver on our research, convening and advocacy work, we need your help. Any amount helps. In these difficult times, we firmly believe together we can prepare for a healthier, more resilient future.

Thank you for your support in the past, and for your ongoing support as we rebuild a stronger, safer Canada.

Linda Coady
Executive director, The Pembina Institute (2021)

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