Practices to Improve the Efficiency of On-Road FreightShort-term opportunities to reduce GHG emissions from Canada’s freight trucks

Publication - March 10, 2020 - By Maddy Ewing

Freight trucks are an increasing source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Canada and greatly contribute to air pollution. While significant progress has been made to reduce the impacts of transportation through these measures, there are still several ways by which the efficiency of freight operations in Canada can be improved. While it’s important to support technological solutions that facilitate a shift to near- and zero- emission on-road freight vehicles, it’s also important to target vehicle efficiency improvements that can benefit existing freight trucks that will be on the road for years to come. This report highlights practices that can be adopted by heavy-duty truck carriers in Canada to reduce emissions and improve the efficiency of freight trucks on the road now.

Our report highlights a suite of practices that fall under the following four categories:

  1. Improve vehicle efficiency
  2. Improve capacity utilization
  3. Promote fuel efficient driving behaviour
  4. Adopt fuel efficient vehicle routing practices


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