Will Noel


Portrait of Will Noel

Will Noel is an analyst with the Pembina Institute's electricity team. He holds both a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta. His thesis explored the economics of wind-driven green hydrogen for long-duration energy storage in Alberta. During his graduate education, he also assisted in the data collection for the Canadian Wind Turbine Database and was lead author for a publication on Canada’s evolving wind fleet. Before joining the Pembina Institute, Will worked at Greenplanet Energy Analytics, where he focused on life-cycle analysis and energy modeling in the green energy and sustainability space.

Will is a strong advocate for the deep decarbonization of Canada’s electricity grids through a combination of technology, renewable energy and energy storage; policy, emission pricing and credible carbon offsets; and innovation, energy efficiency and grid modernization. A lifelong Albertan, he relaxes with cross stitching or playing video games, and enjoys Edmonton’s craft beer scene.

Contact Will Noel

cell: 587-327-2662
email: willn@pembina.org