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Will Noel is an analyst with the Pembina Institute's electricity team. He holds both a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta. His thesis explored the economics of wind-driven green hydrogen for long-duration energy storage in Alberta. During his graduate education, he also assisted in the data collection for the Canadian Wind Turbine Database and was lead author for a publication on Canada’s evolving wind fleet. Before joining the Pembina Institute, Will worked at Greenplanet Energy Analytics, where he focused on life-cycle analysis and energy modeling in the green energy and sustainability space.

Will is a strong advocate for the deep decarbonization of Canada’s electricity grids through a combination of technology, renewable energy and energy storage; policy, emission pricing and credible carbon offsets; and innovation, energy efficiency and grid modernization. A lifelong Albertan, he relaxes with cross stitching or playing video games, and enjoys Edmonton’s craft beer scene.

Contact Will Noel

cell: 587-327-2662 • email: willn@pembina.org

Will Noel's Recent Publications

Cover to Zeroing In with wind turbines and road

Zeroing In Pathways to an affordable net-zero grid in Alberta

Publication June 29, 2023- By Will Noel, Binnu Jeyakumar
Our report explores six scenarios that demonstrate how Alberta can decarbonize its grid by 2035 in a cost-effective and reliable manner. Our analysis finds decarbonizing Alberta’s grid reduces energy costs for Albertans and allows Alberta to become a net exporter of clean electricity by 2025.
Cover of moratorium factsheet

Investment Impact of Alberta's Renewable Energy Moratorium Renewable energy projects factsheet

Publication Aug. 24, 2023- By Jason Wang, Will Noel
There are 118 renewable energy projects impacted by the Alberta Government's abrupt announcement of a seven-month moratorium on renewable energy development. The planning, development, and construction of these projects would generate an estimated 24,000 full-time jobs. This moratorium has created uncertainty for investors in a growing economic sector.
Wheat field with mountains in background under blue skies

Alberta's Renewable Energy Advantage Renewables fuel economic growth, pay rural Alberta bills and underpin an affordable electricity system

Blog July 31, 2023- By Will Noel
Alberta's immense potential for wind and solar will be a critical cornerstone of its energy economy. It's time for the province to recognize the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy as a key part of its natural resource endowment and move beyond its curiously lukewarm approach to this growing sector of the economy.
Solar near Coronation

2023: The year Alberta says goodbye to coal Coal-fired power is a sunset industry, while renewable energy is on the rise

Blog March 9, 2023- By Binnu Jeyakumar, Will Noel
Solar power exceeded coal power several times in Alberta's electricity grid over the last few months. Coal-fired electricity generation is in the final stages of being phased out this year, while renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, are being built rapidly. The transition is exciting, but brings with it concerns about gas-fired power impeding our path to a net-zero emissions grid by 2035.


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