ENGO and Conservation Group Outreach on BiomassPosition and rationale regarding the use of biomass for electricity/heat production

Publication - Sept. 30, 2011 - By Tim Weis, Kristi Anderson, Jennifer Dagg, Dave Lovekin

This report, prepared for Environment Canada, summarizes the opinion and feedback from a spectrum of Canadian eNGOs and conservation organizations around the use of forest-based biomass for energy production. The focus of this report is primarily on forest-based biomass with some research into opinions on the use of agriculture biomass. Emphasis is on energy, climate and forest conservation issues.

The information was collected from a range of eNGOs and conservation groups across Canada using on-line research of public opinion, one-on-one interviews and an on-line survey. Each organization brings specific regional context and opinions on biomass for energy production. This work identifies overall themes on benefits and relative levels of concern for specific issues, level of awareness and research gaps across the breadth of issues.


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