Economic benefits of a clean grid in CanadaThe key to unlocking jobs and supporting local economic growth is investing in a clean grid

Publication - June 14, 2023 - By Karambir Singh, Binnu Jeyakumar

This infographic explores the economic benefits of a net-zero grid, highlighting how clean energy projects support a thriving economy. These projects help make electricity affordable as they are the cheapest sources of energy.

A net-zero grid is the foundation for achieving a net-zero economy as it enables other sectors such as transportation and buildings to electrify. Decarbonizing the grid by 2035, a goal which an increasing number of countries are committing to, holds a wealth of opportunities for Canadians.

Already, Canadians are reaping the benefits of clean energy projects. Since 2019, solar and wind have brought $3.75 billion to Alberta and are creating 4,500 jobs by the end of this year. Nation-wide, clean energy jobs are expected to employ 2.7 million people by 2050. Clean energy projects also create valuable revenue for municipalities and support local economic development.

To remain competitive in the low-carbon future and to attract investments, it will be critical for Canada to achieve a net-zero grid by 2035 and provide policy certainty through robust regulations such as the Clean Electricity Regulations.

Economic benefits of a clean grid in Canada infographic


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