Binnu JeyakumarProgram Director, Electricity

Binnu brings a wealth of skills, expertise and experience from the power industry, government and non-profit sectors to her position as director of the electricity program of the Pembina Institute, Canada’s leading energy think tank. Her portfolio includes managing the phase-out of coal power, integrating renewables, and modernizing the grid. She has expertise in fossil fuel and renewable generation technologies, community energy, sustainability strategy development. She has designed and convened several multi-stakeholder engagements on energy policy issues.

Before joining the Pembina Institute, Binnu worked as a plant and performance engineer at TransAlta’s various generating facilities in Alberta, Ontario, and Mexico. She also provided management consulting services to the Ghanaian government focusing on local government effectiveness. She currently serves on the board of Blue Green Canada.

During her free time, Binnu loves to spend time in the Rockies, hiking and canoeing.

Contact Binnu Jeyakumar

work: 403-269-3344 • email: • tweet: @binnu_yyc

Binnu Jeyakumar's Recent Publications

Cover of From Coal to Clean

From Coal to Clean Canada’s progress toward phasing out coal power

Publication Oct. 19, 2021- By Benjamin Thibault, Binnu Jeyakumar, Grace Brown, Kaitlin Olmsted

Countries, utilities and financial institutions are seeking to phase out coal as part of a commitment to a net-zero economy by 2050, which in developed countries requires a net-zero electricity grid by 2035. This report shows the policies used in Ontario and Alberta can inform the coal phase-out in the Canadian provinces still burning coal, and warns that replacing coal with unabated natural gas could undermine emissions reductions and thwart efforts toward net-zero power by 2035.

Pembina Institute response to the proposed frame for the Clean Electricity Regulations Submission to Environment and Climate Change Canada

Publication Aug. 18, 2022- By Binnu Jeyakumar, Nick Schumacher, Jason Wang, Karambir Singh, Alex Beattie
Pembina Institute response to the Government of Canada's proposed frame for the forthcoming Clean Electricity Regulations

Achieving a Net-Zero Canadian Electricity Grid by 2035 Principles, benefits, pathways

Publication July 26, 2022- By Binnu Jeyakumar
The Government of Canada has committed that, by 2035, the country’s electricity grid will produce net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. This document sets out the Pembina Institute’s understanding of what constitutes a net-zero grid; the environmental, economic and social benefits net-zero electricity can offer to Canadians; and some of the key milestones that must be met by governments and industry to facilitate the creation of a truly net-zero grid by 2035.

Pembina Institute response to AESO Net-Zero Emissions Pathways Report Moving forward the collective dialogue on net-zero electricity in Alberta

Publication July 20, 2022- By Binnu Jeyakumar, Nick Schumacher
The Pembina Institute’s considered analysis of the AESO’s report on pathways to a net-zero electricity grid in Alberta leads us to conclude that, with some innovation in renewable energy and battery storage technology, cooperation on interprovincial transmission, demand-side management, and energy efficiency, Alberta can play its part in meeting Canada’s net-zero grid by 2035 commitment.

Offshore wind in Canada Potential sites, cost and emissions reduction impact

Publication June 1, 2022- By Raidin Blue, Binnu Jeyakumar
Canada’s seas and lakes offer significant potential for offshore wind development. This will increase in the coming years as technology for floating offshore turbines (that can be placed farther from coastlines, in deeper water) matures, and costs associated with the construction of such turbines fall. Offshore wind and other clean energy technologies thus offer a portfolio of solutions for Canada to consider, as it sets out to achieve its commitment of a net-zero electricity grid by 2035.


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