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Karambir Singh is an analyst working on the Pembina Institute's electricity team. He contributes to various files including electricity affordability and emissions on the grid. Karambir is interested in sustainable development powered by clean energy. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in natural resource management from University of Manitoba.

Karambir is based in Edmonton. He can be found running and cycling outside of work.


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work: 587-742-0790 • email: karambirs@pembina.org

Karambir Singh's Recent Publications

Windmills in the distance in front of mountain views and behind a field of haybales

Assessing potential impact of Alberta's proposed viewscapes and agricultural land restrictions for renewable energy Renewables support affordable and reliable electricity

Blog March 21, 2024- By Courtney Smith, Jason Wang, Karambir Singh
Companies, landowners and investors are still waiting for clear and critical information about the impact of Alberta's proposed land-use rules for renewables. In the absence of official impact maps, Pembina Institute is helping inform the public by providing a map showing potential impacts. We urge the Government of Alberta to finalize and officially release its map and rules for viewscapes and visual impact assessment zones.
Cover of factsheet

Potential impact of siting restrictions on renewable energy projects Proposed projects located on Class 1 and 2 agricultural land and within 35 km of national parks in Alberta

Publication March 11, 2024- By Jason Wang, Karambir Singh, Grace Brown
The Government of Alberta announced new restrictions on the renewable energy sector. We examined proposed projects that could be prohibited under two new rules and find 42 projects valued at $11.1 billion are potentially impacted.
Cover of submission

Transmission Policy in Alberta Pembina Institute comments and recommendations

Publication Nov. 30, 2023- By Jason Wang, Karambir Singh
Expanding and enhancing Alberta's grid infrastructure is key to building a clean, affordable, and reliable electricity system. Transmission policy and planning need to be modernized and recognize the importance of rapidly decarbonizing the electricity system, which can save Alberta on their electricity bills.
Cover of Grid-Locked with Enmax Energy Centre plant

Grid-Locked Risks of unabated gas-fired electricity for a clean grid in Alberta

Publication Nov. 23, 2023- By Karambir Singh, Will Noel, Scott MacDougall
Despite already having enough gas on the grid to meet current and future energy demand in Alberta, unabated gas is increasing. This puts the province at risk of locking in costly emissions for decades. Report examines the trends in Alberta's gas-fired electricity sector and explores the implications for ratepayers and a future net-zero grid.
cover of Supporting Grid Infrastructure

Supporting grid infrastructure investments and committing to a net-zero grid Pembina Institute comments and recommendations on the Clean Electricity Investment Tax Credit and Competent Authority

Publication Sept. 5, 2023- By Binnu Jeyakumar, Karambir Singh
Canada’s federal government has taken some important steps toward achieving a net-zero grid by 2035, through several initiatives supporting clean energy development in Budget 2023. These investments provide a timely boost toward meeting Canada’s target of a net-zero grid by 2035.


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