Tim WeisProgram Director, Renewable Electricity

Portrait of Tim Weis

Dr. Tim Weis was the director of the Pembina Institute's renewable electricity program until 2014.

Tim is a professional engineer specializing in clean energy policy design, research and strategic decision making. He has written extensively on sustainable energy technical and policy issues at national, provincial and municipal levels, as well as opportunities specific to First Nations’ and northern communities. He has assisted more than 20 communities at various stages of development of renewable energy projects and has also worked as a renewable energy consultant examining wind energy challenges in Northern communities.

Tim holds a PhD (Université du Québec à Rimouski) in environmental sciences (sciences de l’environnement), where he studied wind energy development in remote communities. He also has an M.Sc. (University of Alberta) and a B.A.Sc. (University of Waterloo) in mechanical engineering.


Tim Weis's Recent Publications

Recognizing progress in Ontario’s new long-term energy plan

Blog Dec. 19, 2013- By Tim Weis

Ontario’s electricity system is often maligned, and more often misunderstood. Providing a multi-billion dollar essential service that employs thousands of people in competing industries is a tall order — doubly so when you’re trying to keep pollution levels and prices down. As we head into a new year, it’s important to take a step back and acknowledge some important gains the province has made so far.

Sustainable Energy for Canada: Strategic Opportunities Part of the Green Budget Coalition recommendations for Federal Budget 2014

Publication Nov. 29, 2013- By Tim Weis

As part of the Green Budget Coalition, the Pembina Institute recommended a set of investments into sustainable energy.

Making wise energy investments for Ontario

Op-ed Oct. 31, 2013- By Tim Weis, Jeff Harti

This month, Ontario prudently decided that new nuclear reactors will not be part of the province’s forthcoming long-term energy plan. As Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli explained, “It is not wise to spend billions and billions of dollars on new nuclear when that power is not needed.”

That said, the government still appears to be committed to refurbishing the 10 existing reactors at the Bruce and Darlington nuclear stations. Is that a wise investment?

Renewable is Doable Affordable and flexible options for Ontario’s long-term energy plan

Publication Sept. 10, 2013- By Tim Weis, Shawn-Patrick Stensil, Jeff Harti

This report shows that putting conservation first, and supplementing it with a diversified portfolio of green energy sources, can be more cost-effective for Ontario than renewed investment in nuclear stations.

Nova Scotia now national leader in cutting energy waste

Op-ed Aug. 6, 2013- By Tim Weis, Leslie Malone

Amid debates on energy development, Nova Scotia has quietly emerged as a Canadian leader when it comes to reducing energy waste. As discussions about a national energy strategy continue across Canada, more eyes will turn to Nova Scotia for ways to reduce pollution, cut energy costs and drive economic development.


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