Economic Instruments for On-site Renewable Energy Applications in the Residential/Farm SectorReport prepared for Environment Canada

Publication - May 29, 2007 - By Tim Weis, Roger Peters, Matt Horne, Amy Taylor, Alison Bailie, Paul Cobb, Kristin Zarowny

Small scale micro-power and heating technologies that use renewable energy sources can help reduce greenhouse gas and local air emissions. Using these solar, wind and earth energy technologies can also strengthen Canada's energy networks and reduce transmission losses.

This report looks at how much residential and farm based energy solar water heating, ground source heat pumps, solar photovoltaic power systems and small wind turbines could provide from region to region across Canada. The report also reviews current and future costs of these technologies, and the types of economic policies that could be used by federal and provincial governments to establish markets for these technologies and exploit their full potential.

Instruments économiques pour l'énergie renouvelable dans le secteur résidentiel et le secteur agricole (Résumé) ici.


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