The British Columbia Clean Energy Jobs Map

The B.C. Clean Energy Jobs map highlights over 14,100 jobs from clean energy in B.C., and allows users to explore 156 renewable energy projects currently in operation or under construction.  

Far from a “boutique” sector, renewable energy employs people in our biggest cities and our most remote communities, including many First Nations. While many of these jobs are located in the Lower Mainland, on a per capita basis the highest concentration of jobs are found in the Northeast — a region that typically struggles with a lack of diverse employment opportunities and boom-and-bust economic cycles. These projects include wind and solar power, run-of-river and large hydro, biomass and biogas — all of which are powered through renewable sources, have relatively small carbon footprints and contribute most of the energy to our electricity grid. 

The first phase of the map examines jobs from clean energy supply; the next phases will examine the bigger clean energy picture, including jobs in energy efficiency, green buildings and clean transportation.