Change in emissions by 2030 for Canada’s most populous provincesInfographic

Publication - June 14, 2016 - By Josha MacNab, Maximilian Kniewasser, Steven Cretney

A recent report by the Canadian Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project Team modelled the projected changes in carbon emissions from all Canadian provinces and territories based on their committed actions to date.

A look at Canada’s four most populous provinces shows that B.C. is lagging behind on commitments to new climate action. This infographic shows the change in emissions projected in each province by 2030 as a percentage of their total emissions in 2014.

Alberta, Ontario and Quebec are all projected to see decreases in emissions of 26, 22 and 23 per cent, respectively, by 2030 based on the actions they’ve taken or committed to. Conversely, B.C. is projected to see a 39 per cent increase in emissions by 2030.

Emissions comparison


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