Alberta’s Emerging Economy A blueprint for job creation through 2030

Publication - June 15, 2020 - By Saeed Kaddoura

Using the latest market studies, development plans and growth projections for the next decade, this report examines employment potential in Alberta and provides a blueprint for job creation as the province’s economy evolves.

This report calculates the jobs potential in the four key areas of Alberta’s economy, which can contribute significantly to job creation while also directly reducing greenhouse gas emissions:

  • renewable electricity
  • transit and electric vehicle infrastructure
  • energy efficiency in buildings and industry
  • environmental cleanup and methane reduction in oil and gas

Our analysis of the four key areas of Alberta’s economy found that 67,200 jobs can be created over the next decade. This represents a significant portion of Alberta’s labour market – it is equal to 67% of the total workforce of the mining, and oil and gas extraction industry in 2019. These jobs – and others in emerging sectors – show the significant potential for stable, prosperous jobs for Albertans in a more diversified economy.

total potential green jobs by sector


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