Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act a framework for worker, industry and government dialogueThe Act provides avenues for provinces and territories, and Canadians, to plan for prosperous pathways to net-zero

June 15, 2023

Construction workers on Parliament Hill

Photo: Pembina Institute

OTTAWA — Kendall Anderson, Program Director, Equitable Transition at the Pembina Institute made the following statement in response to the federal government’s release of the Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act:

"The Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act provides a framework for government, employers and workers to come together to inform policy and investment decisions that seize on opportunities to create economic growth and high-quality jobs for Canadians in a new energy future.

"As the world moves toward a net-zero economy, Canada must work to secure a competitive place in global supply chains to position the country for economic prosperity and job growth. To meet the demand for more diversified, resilient clean energy, hundreds of thousands of skilled workers will be needed between now and 2050 to power that economy. The Act can offer a constructive process for dialogue to ensure the voices of Canadian workers, and vulnerable and underrepresented groups who are disproportionately impacted by climate change are included in defining the best pathways to low-carbon energy.

"We are encouraged that the Act articulates guiding principles informed by the International Labour Organization such as social dialogue between unions and workers, and government and employers. We are also pleased to see reporting requirements that lend greater accountability to the government’s progress on sustainable jobs planning.

"Communities and workers in all provinces and territories deserve to know that their interests are being prioritized as we build out low-carbon energy sources. In order to prepare and upskill Canadians to take advantage of the globally emerging clean energy economy, the federal government, provinces and territories must work together and meaningfully adopt the principles of this Act across all policy areas.

"We strongly support the federal government finalizing the legislation and staying the course to implement the Sustainable Jobs Plan. We stand ready to help shape the implementation of key elements of the Act and Plan including a Sustainable Jobs Secretariat and Partnership Council and to inform policy discussions at the national and regional levels.

"We encourage the federal government to hold productive tripartite discussions with sub-national governments, unions and labour, and employers to advance measures and funding for regional economic development, as well as implementing effective and accessible workforce training, development and social security programs to support workers through the energy transition."



Karen Garth
Senior Communications Lead, Pembina Institute

Quick facts

The expected job creation and economic opportunities in a new energy economy are significant.

  • The International Energy Agency estimates 14 million new energy jobs and 16 million new jobs in energy efficiency will be created, worldwide, between now and 2050.
  • Investments announced in Federal Budget 2023 and the 2022 Fall Economic Statement support the creation of decent work, and good-paying, high-quality jobs for Canadians in a net-zero economy.  
  • In Alberta:
    • Corporations in Alberta are investing heavily in clean electricity. Renewable energy purchasing deals signed to-date are supporting the development and construction of over $3.75 billion worth of new wind and solar energy investment in Alberta, creating 4,500 jobs.
    • Investing in energy efficient buildings can grow local construction and manufacturing capacity. We estimate that an annual $2.5 billion public investment in Alberta’s buildings sector will return about $5.8 billion/year in GDP and create 24,000 jobs per year.


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