Investment to capture landfill gas a welcomed ‘made-in-B.C.’ climate solutionRenewable gas is a limited resource that should have targeted uses where electric options aren’t available

Oct. 19, 2021

Surrey biofuels facility.

Surrey biofuels facility. Photo: Karen Tam Wu.

VANCOUVER — KAREN TAM WU, B.C. regional director at the Pembina Institute, made the following statement in response to B.C.’s announced investment into renewable gas capture at Vancouver landfill:

“Through this investment, we will have an important example of ‘upcycling’ waste into a valuable resource that will produce fuel with a lower carbon footprint while also creating jobs in B.C.

“Renewable gas is such a limited resource, it should be used where no other low- or zero-carbon alternative exists – such as to fuel natural gas trucks or to provide heat and power for industry.

“In order to meet our climate targets, we need to increase the supply of renewable fuel available in B.C. while also working to switch to clean electricity wherever possible to heat homes and buildings and fuel passenger vehicles.

“In future, rural and Indigenous communities could partner with fuel producers to make clean electricity and renewable fuels. This will support economic resilience and diversification across British Columbia.”



Sarah MacWhirter
Communications director, Pembina Institute


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