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Blog - March 5, 2018 - By Saeed Kaddoura

In every corner of Alberta, innovators are leading the way as our province’s economy expands with the adoption of new energy solutions. Building on our rich wind resources and history of wind development, today we have the lowest wind prices in Canada. Likewise, our solar industry is growing to take advantage of among the country’s best solar resources. Meanwhile, Alberta has begun to tap the energy efficiency resource and clean tech opportunities.

To illustrate these advances, we launched our New Energy Projects Map in December. It is an interactive online tool featuring more than 120 projects in Alberta that contribute to the new energy economy. But this map was only the beginning of our efforts to spotlight how Albertans with their ingenuity, entrepreneurialism and care for the community are benefiting through their work to drive new elements of Alberta’s economy.

This map is now part of our newly launched New Energy Economy website. Through stories about projects featured on the map this website is profiling the people behind the projects. We want to share their motivation, vision and hopes for our energy future. To help ensure Albertans have the tangible information they need to get involved in the new energy economy, we created a collection of resources that lists the subsidies, guides, fact-sheets and reports available to everyone in Alberta.

These include links to tools for residential, community, industrial, and commercial audiences. Albertans looking to tighten up electricity costs at home will find links to energy efficiency home improvement rebate programs. Business owners with car fleets will find guides to reduce their vehicle emissions while minimizing fleet operating costs.

New projects, stories and resources will be added regularly and we invite you check back often and share projects you think should be added, or resources you have or ideas for resources you are looking for that you can’t find.

Albertans are investing and working in the new energy economy today, contributing to Alberta’s prosperity. The more we all know about what is happening on the ground and close to home, the more we can all become involved to drive our future.

Saeed Kaddoura

Saeed is a senior analyst on the clean economy team in the Pembina Institute's Toronto office.


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