Transit-supportive development and city-building Growth in the Greater Golden Horseshoe and beyond

Publication - April 4, 2018 - By Lindsay Wiginton

In this series of three papers, we look at transit-supportive development in the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) and beyond. Ontario’s cities are growing fast — in the GGH,  it is anticipated that the population will grow by 50% in 2041.

We see the impacts of growth around us in our daily lives: in rapid urban development and renewal, in busy highways and transit lines, and in rising housing prices. Growth is a challenge, but it’s also a big opportunity. We can harness the investment and people that growth brings to build better, more connected cities.

In Brief 1, we propose a shared framework that can help municipal planners and other authorities diagnose the interventions needed to improve the local conditions for transit-supportive development to ensure best outcomes.

Brief 2 includes a list of approaches and tools for building the economic conditions for residential and employment development along major transit lines, drawing from past and ongoing examples. 

Brief 3 looks at the tools necessary for building the infrastructure and policy conditions along major transit lines, drawing from past and ongoing examples.


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