Oilsands FeverThe Environmental Implications of Canada's Oilsands Rush

Publication - Nov. 23, 2005 - By Dan Woynillowicz, Marlo Raynolds, Chris Severson-Baker

Oilsands Fever: The Environmental Implications of Canada's Oils Sands Rush, written by the Pembina Institute, provides a comprehensive overview of the intense development of the oilsands. The book explores the contradiction between rapidly developing the oilsands and taking action to combat climate change; the implications for Alberta's water resources; the dramatic impact on Canada's boreal forest; the effects of pollution on the region's forests, people and wildlife; the role governments have played in promoting development; and Canada's global responsibility to develop the oilsands in a responsible manner and in the context of a transition to an economy based on sustainable energy.

A fact sheet and movie accompany this report.


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