Chris Severson-BakerExecutive Director

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Chris is the executive director of the Pembina Institute. He worked with the Institute from 1996 to 2016, then spent three years at the Alberta Energy Regulator before returning in 2020, most recently serving as senior director of the industrial decarbonization group before becoming executive director in 2022. He is a leading expert on responsible energy development, with specific expertise in oil and gas, oilsands and electricity.

Chris holds a B.Sc. in environmental and conservation science from the University of Alberta and a Master of Arts in environment and management from Royal Roads University.

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Chris Severson-Baker's Recent Publications

A Journey Towards Gender Equality Our progress towards Equal by 30

Blog Aug. 22, 2023- By Chris Severson-Baker
Last month marked the five-year anniversary of the Equal by 30 campaign, an initiative led by Natural Resources Canada under the international Clean Energy Ministerial. The campaign asks public and private sector organizations to make a public commitment to work towards equal pay, equal leadership, and equal opportunities for women in the energy sector by 2030.
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Alberta Utilities Commission's inquiry and pause on approvals for affordable, reliable renewable electricity Submission to the Alberta Utilities Commission

Publication Aug. 18, 2023- By Chris Severson-Baker
With the sudden announcement of a seven-month moratorium on renewable energy development in Alberta, the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) requested input on options for the Commission's processing of power plant applications during the approvals pause period. The Pembina Institute submitted its recommendations to the AUC.
Wind turbines in a wheatfield

​​​Will Canada lead or lag on path to net-zero? Canada’s Energy Future 2023 shows significant opportunities for growing our clean economy

Op-ed June 27, 2023- By Chris Severson-Baker
The federal government is taking Canada down this path of balance that will both reduce emissions and grow the clean economy. The CER’s net-zero scenarios provide a roadmap for governments, businesses and investors to further chart our transition to net-zero.
Centre Block, Parliament Hill, Ottawa

Budget 2023 is a very strong start To reach our net-zero goals and realize the full potential of the clean economy, we’ll need more budgets like this one

Blog April 12, 2023- By Chris Severson-Baker
This year’s Federal Budget was the most significant for Canada’s low-carbon economy. It sends a clear message that we are committed as a country to building a cleaner future for Canada, but more funding will be required in successive budgets to ensure Canada is globally competitive in a world that is moving away from fossil fuels and can meet its net-zero commitments.


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