Federal impact assessment of high-carbon projectsRecommendations for a GHG threshold for the project list

Publication - Jan. 14, 2019 - By Nichole Dusyk

The federal government should adopt a GHG threshold of 50,000 tonnes for the project list and this threshold should decline over time. It is estimated that this will capture 20-25 projects per year that would not otherwise be subject to federal assessment and ensure that GHG emissions reductions are equitably achieved across the country.

A GHG threshold is a critical step toward ensuring that Canada is able to achieve its commitments under the Paris Agreement. Some high-carbon projects will be captured through other entries on the project list; however, as the analysis in this backgrounder illustrates, many will not be subject to federal assessment (and some may not even be assessed by provincial and territorial governments). The opportunity to ensure that climate impacts are considered and mitigated in project design will provide long-term benefits for proponents through reduced operating costs, and will benefit all Canadians by incentivizing low-carbon pathways.


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