Competing in Clean EnergyCapitalizing on Canadian innovation in a $3 trillion economy

Publication - Jan. 22, 2013 - By Penelope Comette, Dan Woynillowicz, Ed Whittingham

What will it take for Canada to become a clean energy super power?

The clean technology (cleantech) sector has emerged as a major driver of innovation and employment growth in Canada. Analytica Advisors estimates that, as this industry grows to a projected $3 trillion by 2020, Canadian cleantech companies have the potential to increase their market share from today’s $9 billion to $60 billion, even though Canada currently captures just one per cent of today's $1 trillion global cleantech market. Canada currently places fifth for clean energy inventions, with its companies securing only two per cent of clean energy patents granted in the United States since 2002.

In Competing in Clean Energy we ask nearly two dozen clean energy entrepreneurs, executives, investors and academics about what Canada needs to compete in the global race for clean energy.


How is Canada faring in the global race toward clean energy?

What challenges face Canadian clean energy companies?

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Pembina Institute presents a dialogue with leading Canadian clean energy innovators about opportunities and barriers for Canada in the global transition to clean energy. Following a discussion of the findings of the report, Ed Whittingham, executive director, hosts a pannel discussion and open Q&A with the audience.



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