Pembina reacts to B.C. joining alliance for zero-emission vehicles

Dec. 10, 2015

VANCOUVER — Matt Horne, B.C. associate regional director for the Pembina Institute and member of the B.C. Climate Leadership Team, made the following remarks today in response to the provincial government’s announcement that it has signed on to the International Zero-Emission Vehicle Alliance:

“In Paris today, the B.C. government announced it is the 14th jurisdiction to join the International Zero-Emission Vehicle Alliance. The commitment to work with the 13 other partners certainly makes sense. The goal of having all new passenger vehicles be zero emission by mid-century would represent a very positive transformation.

What today’s announcement doesn’t include are new government policies that will rapidly transition B.C. from gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles to electric and other zero-emission options. Fortunately, such policies are found in the package of recommendations from B.C.’s Climate Leadership Team.

Recommendations such as implementing a zero-emission vehicle standard and increasing the carbon tax would ensure British Columbians have affordable zero-emission vehicles they can choose from. Without the policies, the transition will not happen.”



Stephen Hui
Communications Lead, Pembina Institute


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