Pembina Institute reacts to conclusion of COP28 in Dubai Final agreement highlights first global commitments to transition away from fossil fuels and triple renewable energy capacity by 2030

Dec. 13, 2023


CALGARY— Chris Severson-Baker, the Pembina Institute’s executive director, made the following statement in response to the agreement released today at the conclusion of the United Nations Climate Conference which commits to a transitioning away from fossil fuels, and “accelerating action in this critical decade” so that the 2050 targets in the Paris Agreement remain in sight.

“This is an unprecedented agreement and the first time that 198 countries have agreed that there must be a transition away from fossil fuels. While much work remains, what is beyond doubt is that Canada cannot ignore the challenges and opportunities represented by the energy transition currently underway.

“As an oil and gas producing country, all levels of government in Canada need to prepare our economy and workforce for a global decline in demand for oil and gas. Earlier this year, for the first time, the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) projected that in a future of ambitious global climate action, global demand for fossil fuels falls steeply, reducing oil and natural gas prices and Canadian production of those commodities.

“We applaud the leadership shown by the Government of Canada at COP28, including the announcement of regulations to reduce methane as well as an achievable cap on emissions from oil and gas by 2030. These are responsible reactions to international trends.

“As the country’s lead emitter of greenhouse gases, Alberta must do its fair share and actually develop policies that will lead to emission reductions this decade.”

“The global agreement to triple global renewable energy production by 2030 — in just six years — is consistent with Canada’s commitment to decarbonize our grid by 2035. We urge the Government of Alberta to support this global consensus and lift its moratorium on renewable energy approvals and ensure Albertan communities do not miss out on the stable long-term jobs and revenues that wind and solar projects bring to the province.”

Chris Severson-Baker, Simon Dyer, deputy executive director, and Janetta McKenzie, acting director of the Oil and Gas program, are available for media interviews.



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