Emissions Reduction Alberta’s investment imperative to economic viability of oil and gas sectorPembina Institute reacts to Emissions Reduction Alberta Innovation Challenge Outcomes

May 8, 2018

Photo courtesy of Alberta Government

CALGARY — Duncan Kenyon, Program Director, Responsible Fossil Fuels at the Pembina Institute, made the following statement in response to Emissions Reduction Alberta’s (ERA) announcement:

“The Pembina Institute supports investment in decarbonizing Alberta’s oil and gas sector, as achieving this goal will be imperative to ensuring the sector’s economic viability and alignment with our provincial and federal climate targets in coming decades.

“The ERA’s investment exemplifies effective use of revenue from the carbon levy. It encourages innovation and leverages larger industry investment to enable the piloting of technology to significantly reduce greenhouse gas production. Nine projects have been selected to receive a total of $70.6 million in funding under the Oil Sands Innovation Challenge. The projects funded by ERA are evidence of industry’s positive response to Alberta's new carbon levy and illustrate the sector’s ability to operate competitively with a carbon price by lowering their costs while reducing emissions.

“In the carbon-constrained 21st century, Alberta’s fossil fuel industries and policymakers are beginning to embrace the paradigm shift that requires innovations and new forward thinking to create sustainable economic opportunities for Alberta. This approach will enable the oilsands sector to move where the puck is going, and ensure our province does not get left behind in a rapidly changing world.”



Suzy Thompson

Communications Lead, Pembina Institute

Duncan Kenyon

Program Director, Responsible Fossil Fuels, Pembina Institute


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