Pembina reacts to Ontario’s new long-term energy planProvince wisely invests in conservation and takes cautious approach to nuclear

Dec. 2, 2013

TORONTO — Tim Weis, director of renewable energy and efficiency policy at the Pembina Institute, made the following comments today in response to the release of Ontario’s new long-term energy plan:

“Energy efficiency is the centrepiece of Ontario’s new long-term energy plan, which is good news for ratepayers and the environment. Efficiency is the cleanest and most cost-effective way to meet future demand.

“There is no way to avoid electricity cost increases in the future and energy efficiency is the best way to reduce electricity bills.

“The government has also prudently decided not to build expensive new nuclear reactors in Ontario, and has placed cautious guiding principles around rebuilding existing reactors. Given their history of cost overruns in Canada, nuclear refurbishments should only proceed when they are demonstrably the most cost-effective, low-emission option available.

“While the cost of building and rebuilding nuclear reactors continues to rise, the cost of renewable energy technologies keeps falling. This trend is reflected in the energy plan’s forecast, which foresees renewable energy making up a larger share of supply by 2025. A recent report from the Pembina Institute and Greenpeace shows that a portfolio of low-emission options can affordably meet Ontario’s energy needs.”



Tim Weis (English / français)
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Bernard Rudny (English / français)
Communications Lead, Pembina Institute
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Report: Renewable is Doable: Affordable and flexible options for Ontario’s long-term energy plan

Op-ed: “Making wise energy investments for Ontario”

News coverage: “Ontario won’t spend billions on two new nuclear plants: Chiarelli” (Ottawa Citizen)


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