Guide helps Alberta landowners get the most out of wind energy

Sept. 16, 2010

EDMONTON, AB – The Pembina Institute has released a timely guide that describes what Alberta landowners need to know about wind power development in their communities.

Pembina's new Landowners' Guide to Wind Energy in Alberta helps landowners understand the many aspects of wind developments, including revenue streams, how developments are located, and the potential benefits and impacts on the environment, health and landowners.

"Wind energy can be a win-win for the environment and economic diversification in Alberta. We want to help landowners understand how they can benefit from getting involved and the risks they may encounter," said Tim Weis, Director of Renewable Energy for the Pembina Institute and the lead author of the guide.

The guide contains information about wind energy, the electricity market, health and environmental impacts, economic benefits and the approval process, and even provides advice on negotiating with developers.

Alberta was a wind power pioneer in Canada, and the industry currently produces about two per cent of Alberta's electricity supply. Its share will continue to grow to between 10 to 20 per cent over coming decades.

While wind energy is one of the most benign sources of electricity, it does have some impacts, not only on the local landscape, but also on the surrounding ecosystem. In most cases these impacts can be minimized by ensuring that local voices are heard in the development process.

The guide is of interest to landowners, municipal and provincial governments, agricultural groups, environmental groups, wind developers and utility companies.

Alberta needs a lot of new wind power if it is going to clean up its electricity system, currently the most polluting in Canada. Alberta's wind capacity could increase ten-fold with projects already at various stages of development. Globally, wind energy is growing at 30 per cent per year.

"It's important that we do it right, and we hope this guide can help," said Weis.


Download: Landowners' Guide to Wind Energy in Alberta


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