ENGOs propose amendments to Sustainable Jobs Act

Climate organizations recommend changes to strengthen Bill C-50 in light of unnecessary delays at Canada’s Standing Committee on Natural Resources

House of Commons

Photo: iStock.com/jewhyte

Last month, the Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act (Bill C-50) was read the second time and referred to the Standing Committee on Natural Resources. The Bill aims to create good, sustainable jobs for workers and ensure Canada can grasp the opportunities presented by the global transition to a clean energy economy. It is a critical piece of climate legislation that will give workers, communities and industry certainty about the clean energy future.  

However, a series of unnecessary delays caused by committee members’ preventing discussions has delayed the merits and shortcomings of the Bill in its current form from being discussed.

While this legislation alone will not bring about an economy that is equitable and aligned with international climate goals, it proposes a useful governance and accountability framework to build on. However, gaps in the legislation reduce its potential impact and efficacy.

It is, therefore, essential that members of the committee take the futures of Canadian workers seriously and work quickly to strengthen and pass this Bill. This can only be achieved by listening to labour, industry, and experts in climate and sustainability to understand what gaps exist in the current legislation and how it can be improved.

Given the filibuster tactics on the part of opposition party members that are currently preventing the committee from conducting constructive discussions with experts and stakeholders, the Pembina Institute and other ENGOs have come together to present a series of proposed amendments to Bill C-50. These proposed amendments cover ways to:

  • advance Canada’s climate commitments,
  • establish effective guiding principles,
  • support regional and sectoral transition planning,
  • build accountability through responsibility and reporting, and
  • create a more comprehensive and inclusive governance framework.

Read the full list of proposed amendments.

If implemented these amendments will improve the Bill’s accountability, inclusivity and integration with Canada’s climate policies, and ensure the creation of good, stable sustainable jobs for Canadian workers and the economy.

We have important perspectives to offer, but we cannot strengthen the Bill until the committee allows for a robust discussion. We hope these proposed amendments prompt the members of the committee to end delays and begin the important discussions necessary to protect Canadian workers and the economy.