On January 1, 2019, the Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development and the Pembina Foundation for Environmental Research and Education merged into a single organization, pursuant to the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. We will continue to operate as the Pembina Institute and are excited for the operational and administrative efficiencies expected from this change. We will continue to carry out our well-reasoned and non-partisan policy advocacy as a federally registered charity.


The majority of our revenue is program-specific and comes from project grants, gifts, and partnership agreements. We do not receive direct core funding (i.e., to cover administration or operations) from any source.

Detailed information is available each year in our annual financial reports.

Since our beginning, the Pembina Institute has been committed to working with all levels of government (federal, provincial and municipal), the energy industry, communities and academia to help move Canada towards a diversified energy future that delivers economic prosperity, environmental protection and climate security. We’re proud of our work and our ability to attract support that delivers real results to help Canada move towards a prosperous low-carbon future.

Since 2006, approximately 85% of our funding has come from Canadian foundations, industry, individuals, and all levels of government. The remainder of our funding is from international grantees. Energy and climate issues are global in scope, and it's only natural that they attract global cooperation and support to work towards solutions. International support, similar to our Canadian support, goes to all of our work across the country — including carbon pricing, responsible oil and gas, buildings, electricity and transportation. Our oil and gas work has always been focused on responsible development. We believe that a lower-carbon oil industry is a competitive one, and we work towards solutions that ensure the oil industry thrives in an increasingly lower-carbon world. The Pembina Institute’s research on the oilsands has always focused on compiling the best data on impacts management and policy solutions. By being a fair and constructive critic, we have helped improve the environmental performance of the industry to the benefit of all Canadians. The Pembina Institute works independently and our funders do not influence our research agenda or perspectives and the substance of our work.

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