Using Local Improvement Charges to Finance Energy Efficiency ImprovementsApplicability Across Canada

Publication - June 1, 2005 - By Roger Peters, Matt Horne, Johanne Whitmore

This national study was produced for the federal government's Office of Energy Efficiency and explores how municipalities could finance energy efficiency improvements using local improvement charges — a tool already familiar to most municipalities.

The report provides a province by province assessment of the legal and financial aspects of using this innovative concept — first analyzed by Pembina in its ground breaking 2004 report Using Local Improvement Charges to Finance Building Energy Efficiency Improvements: A Concept Report. The authors interviewed provincial and municipal staff for the national report, to identify interest and obtain views on how to apply the concept. Various options for financing a municipal efficiency program using the concept were also explored. The report provides a "road map" for provinces and the federal government along with interested municipalities to pilot the concept in Canada.


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