Polling Results: Oil and Gas, Jobs and Targets

Alberta too dependent on oil and gas; gov’t should plan for future jobs for energy workers

Recent polling released by the Pembina Institute shows that 70 per cent of Albertans think the province’s economy is too dependent on the oil and gas industry. Also, 82 per cent of Albertans polled said the provincial government should take an active role in planning for future job opportunities for energy workers.

The Pembina Institute commissioned the study from Janet Brown Opinion Research. The research was conducted between September 13 and 26, 2023. Other notable polling results include:

  • 58 per cent of Albertans say that the province's economy will benefit if the oil and gas industry reduces emissions.
  • Albertans are split 50/50 on their perception of global demand for oil and gas, with 48 per cent agreeing with the statement “In 15 years' time, global demand for oil and gas will start to decline," and 48 per cent disagreeing.
  • 94 per cent of Albertans say oil and gas companies (not taxpayers through government subsidies) should pay for cleaning up inactive and abandoned oil and gas wells
  • 77 per cent of Albertans say oil and gas companies (not taxpayers, through subsidies) should pay for the costs associated with reducing emissions.