Pembina Institute Strategic Direction2019-2021

Publication - Jan. 1, 2020 - By Pembina Institute

Canada is at a crossroads. The global oil and gas sector is in the midst of profound shifts, the cost of renewables is plummeting and droughts, floods and fires are becoming more common and more severe. Amidst this change, the Pembina Institute sees a bright future for Canada. A future in which clean energy drives a prosperous, connected economy and our activities stop contributing to climate change. A future built on bold and inclusive solutions that improve the quality of life for all people living in Canada and leave no one behind. Our Strategic Direction document outlines how we are driving this vision forward.

The challenge

The conversation about Canada’s clean energy future is becoming increasingly polarized. Charged rhetoric is derailing progress and threatens to continue to pull us further apart. At the same time, the reality of climate change is calling upon us to act even more urgently. It is more critical than ever that we find ways to bridge divides, bring good, credible ideas to the table and recognize our shared values.

The Pembina Institute’s role

Over the past 30 years, the Pembina Institute has been working side by side with industries, governments, businesses and communities to break new ground in climate and energy policy in Canada. It’s in our DNA to build unlikely partnerships and advocate together for inclusive and equitable policy solutions. We are curious and not afraid to ask hard questions to understand different perspectives. We produce evidence-based ideas that are informed by data and experience and we hold the bar based on what is possible, but also practical. In today’s energy and climate conversation, the Pembina Institute’s role is more important than ever.

Our vision for Canada’s clean energy future

We envision a world in which we produce and use energy in a way that creates:

Good jobs iconA competitive economy that supports good, well-paying jobs in sectors that will be in demand as the global economy decarbonizes.

Electricity iconA decarbonized electricity grid that provides resilient, clean energy to our homes, buildings and industries, driving clean innovation and community empowerment.

Transportation iconA transportation system that transforms passenger and goods movement to support clean air and efficient land use, and helps achieve inclusive, affordable, and healthy communities.

Green buildings iconBeautiful, affordable, and healthy homes and buildings that emit no carbon pollution and act as integration hubs for the transportation system and smart grids of tomorrow.

Oil and gas iconAn energy system that recognizes the shifting role for fossil fuels, demands accountability for negative impacts, ensures the oil and gas industry does its fair share to reduce emissions consistent with our international objectives, and increasingly relies on clean options to meet our needs.


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