Northern LifebloodEmpowering Northern Leaders to Protect the Mackenzie River Basin from Oilsands Risks

Publication - July 21, 2010 - By Jennifer Grant, Simon Dyer, Nathan Lemphers, Jennifer Dagg

The pristine and ecologically-significant Mackenzie River Basin is the lifeblood of the North and has sustained people, flora and fauna for millennia. Today, the basin is at risk from oilsands development occurring in its headwaters. Northern Lifeblood — Empowering Northern Leaders to Protect the Mackenzie River Basin from the Risks of Oilsands Development investigates current and future threats to the basin, including the risks associated with the 170 square kilometres of toxic tailings lakes in the Athabasca watershed. This report details opportunities for both northern leaders and the federal government to proactively protect northern waters. Important actions include: enforcing existing federal laws, supporting water protection initiatives and transboundary water agreements, improving water quality monitoring, participating in the approval process governing oil sands development, and investigating opportunities for legal actions.

Tags:  Alberta, Oilsands, Water


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