Climate Change Awareness and Action Education Kit

Publication - June 1, 1999 - By Dave Mussell, Tracey Diggens, Juleta Severson-Baker

With this comprehensive multimedia kit, the Pembina Institute continues to meet the demand for current, practical resources that can help teachers teach about climate change. The Climate Change Awareness and Action Education Kit is the most comprehensive multimedia education kit on climate change ever devised for Canadian high schools. It was developed in response to the recognized need for quality educational materials to address the climate change issue from a critical thinking perspective, and is designed for use in grades 9 through 12, in Science, Social Studies, Geography and Environmental Studies courses across Canada.

The kit contains a 300-page teacher guide (with student activities, fact sheets, posters, bibliography and more), eight full-colour, high-resolution transparencies and a video copy of the highly-acclaimed documentary film Turning Down the Heat, which showcases renewable energy technologies and energy conservation. A 16-page booklet has been prepared specifically to accompany the video and to guide teachers in its classroom use.

Residents of British Columbia receive a free supplement that contains a series of 9 fact sheets that cover the climate change issue as it relates to the unique BC situation. Residents of Ontario receive a free supplement that features units on the impacts of climate change on Forestry, the Great Lakes, and the Economy, as well as an engaging debate on Nuclear Energy.

Tags:  Climate Policy


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