Powering the FutureWhy Your Next Car Might Be Electric (Fact Sheet)

Publication - Sept. 13, 2010 - By Katie Laufenberg, Jeremy Moorhouse, Emma Gilchrist

You may not know it yet, but British Columbia is on the front line of a revolution poised to reduce the world's dependence on oil. In 20 years, one in every three vehicles on B.C.'s roads could be electric. That adds up to more than one million electric vehicles.

If that many electric vehicles were on the province's roads right now, oil demand would be reduced by about 12 million barrels per year — more than twice the amount of oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico during BP's DeepwaterHorizon disaster — and B.C.'s annual greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 7%, or 4.7 million tonnes.

To get there, we need governments to continue taking steps to ensure the right infrastructure and incentives are in place.

Find out the top five reasons why electric vehicles are right for B.C. in this primer.


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