Thought Leader Forum on Environmental NGO-Industry CollaborationNovember 14, 2006: Post-forum proceedings summary

Publication - Feb. 23, 2007 - By Katie Laufenberg, Ed Whittingham

On the afternoon of Tuesday November 14, 2006, the Pembina Institute convened a "Thought Leader Forum" on the topic of ENGO-industry collaboration in Kananaskis Country, Alberta. Pembina invited 30 representatives of industry - spanning energy, manufacturing, tourism and consulting - to join 25 Canadian environmental NGO representatives, Pembina staff and facilitators for a discussion of effective  corporate-ENGO relationships.

This report attempts to capture the key proceedings that came out of the afternoon's discussions, and build on discussions where useful. It was prepared by summarizing and grouping into themes flipchart notes taken during the forum at each of the eight tables, conducting select post-forum participant surveys and reprinting descriptions of model initiatives (as presented in Appendix 3.3). Section One of the report summarizes group comments per question as posed by forum facilitator Monica Pohlmann. SectionTwo outlines participants' imperatives for "keeping the conversation going" vis-à-vis positive ENGO-industry collaboration.

Tags:  Corporate Action.


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