Evidence-based insights into today’s energy challenges

Julia speaking

The Pembina Institute is known for our pragmatic, evidence-based and solutions-focused perspectives on the role, risks and potential of energy in our economy and its impacts on the lives of Canadians.

Our perspective on energy

We recognize science-based limits for our natural systems and our climate, and we advocate for energy development to be guided by policies and practices that reflect those natural limits.

We see Canada’s transition to cleaner energy systems as imperative to avoiding the worst impacts of climate change and building a resilient and prosperous economy.  

We advocate for increased energy efficiency and conservation to ensure we are maximizing the value of our energy resources and practicing good stewardship.

Expertise in demand

The Pembina Institute’s experts and analysts are widely recognized — by the news media, governments, industry and the environmental sector — for providing credible, evidence-based insights into today’s energy challenges. 

We are regularly asked to provide an expert perspective on emerging issues related to energy and the environment.

Our commentary pieces are published in news outlets across Canada.

Through the Pembina Institute Speakers Bureau, our experts deliver informative presentations to companies, government and the public.

We share our research and analysis with decision makers, journalists and the public, to help put today’s energy issues into context and equip leaders to make informed decisions on technical and policy issues.