Pacific NorthWest LNG cancellation an economic opportunityLNG demand and prices have fallen as world transitions to renewable energy

Op-ed - Aug. 2, 2017 - By Karen Tam Wu

Published in Burns Lake Lakes District News (August 2, 2017)

2015 International LNG in B.C. Conference in Vancouver. Photo: Province of B.C.

The Pacific NorthWest LNG project would have been one of the largest carbon polluters in Canada.

With last week’s announcement that Petronas will no longer pursue the project, British Columbia can truly move forward on the path to clean growth and seize untapped economic opportunities in all parts of the province.

Petronas and its partners cited shifts in the energy sector as key to their decision. Indeed, LNG demand and prices have fallen as the world transitions to renewable sources of energy. We now have an important opportunity to ensure B.C. is not left behind as the global economy shifts and the costs of a changing climate begin to mount.

Across B.C., communities have stood up and said LNG development doesn’t fit with their vision for a prosperous economy. The cancellation of this project highlights the need for B.C.’s new government to act quickly to stand up for healthy and safe communities, grow sustainable resource sector jobs, build a strong clean tech sector, position B.C. to be competitive in the changing global economy, and make clean choices more affordable.


Karen Tam Wu 
Pembina Institute’s acting B.C. director


The Burns Lake Lakes District News published this letter to the editor on August 2, 2017.

Karen Tam Wu
Karen Tam Wu

Karen Tam Wu was the regional director of B.C. at the Pembina Institute until 2022.


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