Carbon budgeting key to B.C.’s clean growth futureRe: “We need to ramp up fight against climate change” (Citizen, Sept. 14)

Op-ed - Sept. 24, 2018 - By Karen Tam Wu

Published in Cowichan Valley Citizen (September 21, 2018)

B.C.'s clean growth strategy is due out this fall. Photo: Province of B.C.

This fall, the B.C. government is expected to release its clean growth strategy. It’s a must-seize opportunity for the province to secure a prosperous, low-carbon future.

Transparency and accountability are critical to ensuring successful implementation of the clean growth strategy. We’ll need to monitor our progress and adjust our plans over time.

B.C. already has some key monitoring and reporting mechanisms in place or forthcoming, including 10-year emissions targets, a commitment to introduce sectoral targets, and legislated requirements for biennial progress reports. 

The government should build upon these tools with carbon budgeting by sector; detailed, publicly released plans for achieving B.C.’s carbon budget; independent verification of progress; and the evaluation of policies and projects with regard to their impact on the carbon budget.

British Columbians deserve a forward-thinking clean growth strategy that will accelerate the transition to low-carbon energy, curb carbon pollution, and secure economic prosperity. 

Karen Tam Wu
B.C. managing director, Pembina Institute

The Cowichan Valley Citizen published this letter to the editor on September 21, 2018.

Karen Tam Wu
Karen Tam Wu

Karen Tam Wu was the regional director of B.C. at the Pembina Institute until 2022.


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