Pembina reacts to British Columbia's rejection of the Northern Gateway Pipeline

Nathan Lemphers, senior policy analyst with the Pembina Institute, made the following comments in response to British Columbia’s final written argument to the Northern Gateway Panel:

“In rejecting the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline, the B.C. government has taken a measured and cautious approach.”

"A decision of this significance cannot be made lightly. It is clear that B.C. Premier Christy Clark has listened to the concerns of British Columbians, considered the evidence presented by Enbridge and found the proposal fails to address the province's environmental concerns."

"This decision is a cautionary tale for the federal government, Alberta and the oilsands industry: if they want to see additional pipelines, they will need to accelerate improvements toward regulating upstream impacts of oilsands development and minimizing the risk of oil spills."

"B.C.’s rejection of this pipeline proposal sends an important message to proponents of oilsands pipelines: it's premature to start building additional pipeline capacity from the oilsands until we have a credible plan in place to responsibly manage and transport oilsands .”

“As the final decision on this pipeline proposal rests in the hands of the federal government, B.C’s announcement sends a strong signal to Ottawa that this project is not in the national interest barring significant improvements.”



Nathan Lemphers
Senior policy analyst, oilsands

Kevin Sauve
Communications lead

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