Electricity Export Policy will Affect all Albertans:

Environmental Groups Ask Premier Klein for Public Consultation

The Clean Energy Coalition1 has sent a letter to Premier Klein requesting public input into a policy for electricity exports from Alberta. The letter, which is signed by the Clean Energy Coalition and other environmental groups, is in response to Minister of Energy Murray Smith's announcement of five electricity export principles. The organizations are concerned that a considerable proportion of any increase in exports could come from fossil-fuelled generation, especially coal-fired power plants. Since this would increase the air pollution and other impacts on land and water that Albertans have to bear, the groups want the government to consult with Albertans before deciding its Electricity Export Policy.

1 The Clean Energy Coalition is not an incorporated body and the name is used to refer to its member groups for convenience only.

For more information please contact:
Mary Griffiths, Pembina Institute
Phone: (780) 433-6675 or cell (780) 915-9771

Myles Kitagawa, Toxics Watch Society
Phone: (780) 413-6930

Linda Duncan, Lake Wabamun Enhancement and Protection Association
Phone: (780) 433-8806

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