Alberta to kick-start energy efficiencyNew report advises government on best practices in using efficiency as an energy resource

Jan. 17, 2017

Calgary — Alberta has done too little to capitalize on energy efficiency, but the province is in a position to take advantage of lessons learned around the world.

Over the next five years the Energy Efficiency Agency launched by the Alberta Government will receive $645 million in funding from the carbon levy. The Pembina Institute’s latest report: Kickstarting Energy Efficiency in Alberta, offers the government an overview of best practices from other jurisdictions and specific ideas for how Alberta can successfully use energy efficiency as an energy resource.

Quick facts

  • Energy Efficiency programs could deliver $510 million in annual energy savings for Albertans.
  • Energy Efficiency Alberta will receive through the carbon levy $645 million over the next five years.

“The government of Alberta is on the right track with its energy efficiency programs. But to develop the resource to its full potential the government should also integrate energy efficiency into the utility system by mandating the regulator, system operator and consumer advocate to pursue energy efficiency. It is crucial to integrate energy efficiency into the utility system to avoid unnecessary investment in electricity infrastructure."

— Julia-Maria Becker, Senior Analyst, Pembina Institute


Visit Pembina Institute’s website to download a copy of Kick-starting Energy Efficiency in Alberta


Suzy Thompson
Communications Lead, Pembina Institute


Report: Kick-starting Energy Efficiency in Alberta

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