Pembina reacts to Minister Prentice's resignation

Nov. 4, 2010

OTTAWA, ON — Marlo Raynolds, Executive Director of the Pembina Institute, made the following comments in response to Minister Prentice's resignation on Thursday afternoon:

"Minister Prentice made significant progress on issues like national parks and toxics, and he certainly appeared to want to make meaningful progress on climate change.

"Unfortunately, the Harper government has failed so far to take substantial action to meet Canada's climate change commitments, manage the environmental impacts of the oilsands, and invest in renewable energy.

"Because the environment cuts across so many sectors, it requires clear commitment and leadership from the top — and Prime Minister Harper's 'wait for Washington' approach is not leadership.

"Minister Prentice’s resignation is an opportunity for the government to make a fresh start. The new environment minister's top priority must be to implement a real plan to meet Canada’s climate commitments, and to convince the rest of cabinet to start listening to the overwhelming scientific case for action."



Marlo Raynolds
Executive Director

Julia Kilpatrick
Media Manager


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