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2023 Alberta Climate Summit Bringing Albertans together to lead the energy transformation

Oct. 26, 2023  - Calgary, AB
conference - Public event The Alberta Climate Summit brings thought leaders from industry, government, civil society groups, Indigenous Governments and rural communities together to hear success stories, identify opportunities and challenges, and explore solutions related to Alberta’s clean energy future.

2018 Alberta Climate Summit Bringing Albertans together to lead the energy evolution

Sep. 26, 2018  - Calgary, Alberta
conference - Public event

The Alberta Climate Summit is the event for innovative thinking and knowledge sharing on energy and climate in Alberta.

2017 Alberta Climate Summit Seizing innovation and opportunity in a low-carbon economy

Sep. 28, 2017  - Calgary, Alberta
conference - Public event

This year’s event will showcase the innovation and opportunities around clean energy that are already underway in Alberta.

Just Transition and Good Green Jobs for Alberta 2017 Hosted by Blue Green Canada

Sep. 27, 2017  - Calgary
conference - Public event

BlueGreen Canada is hosting a conference on how to create the conditions for successful transitions for impacted workers and communities, with the Pembina Institute participating. This event will take place in Calgary, the day before the Pembina Institute's Alberta Climate Summit.

2016 Alberta Climate Summit Mapping the pathway to Alberta’s low-carbon future

Sep. 20, 2016  - Calgary, Alberta
conference -

This year's Alberta Climate Summit will bring together a wide range of stakeholders to showcase new ideas and engage in discussion on crucial issues. 

2015 Alberta Climate Summit The pathway to stability and Alberta’s low-carbon future

Sep. 9, 2015  - Edmonton, AB
conference - Invitation only

The Pembina Institute convened the 2015 Alberta Climate Summit on September 9, 2015 to showcase the latest thinking on climate policy from a variety of stakeholders.


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