WEEK 2: Jurisdictional overview BRC Webinar Series — Fall 2020

Oct. 27, 2020  11:00am - 12:00pm MST webinar - Public event

Understanding the Corporate PPA Landscape Across Canada: A Jurisdictional Review with Power Advisory

This webinar will present an overview of the commercial and institutional (i.e. non-utility) renewable energy procurement landscape across Canada. It will describe the policy environment enabling or inhibiting virtual power purchase agreements across Canadian provinces and explore the corporate procurement options available in each. It is hosted by Power Advisory LLC, a management consulting firm that specializes in electricity sector solutions.


BRC Webinar Series — Fall 2020:

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About the BRC

The Business Renewables Centre Canada is a non-profit initiative where corporations and institutions can learn how to buy renewable energy, such as wind or solar power, directly from developers. Launched in early 2019, the BRC-Canada already has more than 40 members, and to date have purchased 230 megawatts of renewable energy through corporate procurement deals, totaling $400 million in private sector investment in Alberta.


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