Banner for Decarb Lunch: Reframed Initiative: Optimizing Deep Building Retrofits

Reframed Initiative: Optimizing Deep Building Retrofits

Decarb Lunch presented by ZEBx

Mar. 08, 2024 12:00pm - 1:00pm ( PST )

It’s widely recognized that addressing new buildings alone will not be enough to get us to our emissions reduction targets. Deep building retrofits are a crucial component of the decarbonization transition.

At the ZEBx March 2024 Decarb Lunch you will hear about two ongoing deep retrofit projects from the perspectives of a designer and an owner. Speakers  from Pembina, LHRA, Pacifica Housing, and Metro Vancouver Housing give key takeaways relating to process, procurement, retrofit bundling, and more. The core intentions and high-level learnings from the Reframed Initiative will be discussed with an emphasis on those relevant to the industry at large.

This webinar is also offered as part of the Passive House Accelerator’s Reimagine Buildings ‘24 online conference of which ZEBx is a community partner.


  • Christopher Rowe, Principal at Low Hammond Rowe Architects Inc
  • Ian Scott, Director of Community Real Estate and Asset Strategies at Pacifica Housing
  • Ross Arbo, Housing Technician at Metro Vancouver Housing


  • Betsy Agar, Director of the Buildings Program at Pembina Institute
  • Natalie Douglas, Program Manager, ZEBx

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